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1st-Oct-2007 02:00 pm - Ready...set...um Go!
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ooc//Guys. The date we agreed on to start rping is finally here. I don't know about you but I've been missing Traveler a hell of a lot. It seems Porters and Soldiers wasn't that successful with getting the show switched to TNT. Deep down I knew it may not work, but it was worth trying. Anyway, if you guys still want to rp I'm here. I may not be as active because of school, but I'll manage to get a post up every weekend. Leave a comment below if you're ready to start. //
17th-Aug-2007 06:56 am - Welcome to my world
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I might as well update this thing, right? Even though it's a waste of time, but hey. Why start something if you don't finish it?

So, to put it lightly, I'm screwed, literally. So, like most chemical engineering majors I waited last minute to work on a project due on Friday and like always, the stuff I need to finish it last minute isn't available or as the clerk at the hardware store politely put it "out of stock." I mean, wtf. How can a damn hardware store be out of stock? Shouldn't they always be prepared for last minute idiots like myself to waltz in any minute with orders out the ass, because what kinda of person waits to the last minute to order pumps, valves, lumpbreakers, mixers, etc. Yeah, that's right, an idiot.

So here I am, screwed and literally pulling stuff out of my ass before next week. Even if the store happens to get the stuff I need, there is no possible way I'll be able to build, test, rebuild, test and move my project to the school in a week.

I'm not huge on procrastination, but, not blaming my roommate, I can't seem to get my mind in the game in this house. I've been being pulled to parties by Tyler because he has personal issues the best of friends couldn't possibly ignore. And me, being one of his best friends, had to try and console him by a having a few too many late night trips to Bottega and a few other bars to wash his qualms away.

I mean. What friend wouldn't make sure a friend was sufficiently drunk if that's how they deal with their problems? I couldn't very well let him get drunk by himself and drive home and kill himself. I had to tag along and be the sober one. If that meant staying out to the crack of dawn, so be it.

So, now I'm behind and about to pull my hair out and the only thing I can think of is where I'm gonna be tonight after Tyler gets off the phone with his father.

Honestly, if I were Tyler I wouldn't answer the damn phone. Carlton Fog seems to be a complete jackass from where I'm standing and I think it's his life duty to make Tyler miserable if not utterly insane.

I won't even talk about his mother...

Engineering project aside. I wouldn't change one thing about the last few weeks though. Sure, I may very well fail my project, but my grades have been outstanding, project aside, so it shouldn't even put a dent in my 99% average.

Friends come first and if I had to do it again I would. No hesitations.

Well, I'm off to the hardware store to pick up whatever I can and get started on it. I can already see a few sleepless nights in my future. Maybe with Jay's help I'll be able to finish this thing before next Friday. One thing about him is that he's willing to help you if it's academic crap. He may not know what the hell he's doing, but being a quick learner and an eager listener, I'm sure I can use his keen eye and perfectionistic talents to my advantage.

Well, that's all for now.

10th-Aug-2007 11:12 pm - So...
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For the life of me, I don’t know why I’m keeping a public journal that’ll most likely detail my life so that anyone with eyes can see. But here it goes.

Name's Will Traveler. I’m 27 and I’m currently attending Graduate studies at Yale University in the Chemical Engineering department. It’s not the most exciting subject in the world, but hell, what’s more fascinating than mixing chemicals together to watch how they react? Nothing I think.

Go ahead and say it. Yeah, I’m a nerd and proud to be one. But that wasn’t always the case. Not until five months ago when I moved into graduate housing in what my roommates and I like to call “The Castle” did I realize how actually normal I was when compared to one particular roommate, who I won’t name because he might read this. Let’s just say that compared to some I’m a fucking partying saint with too much free time on my hands to press my nose into dusty volumes all day.

I do make time for something rather cool though, and that’s my video blog. It’s nothing really fancy but it does chronicle almost everything I do, see and hear while attending Yale. It’s an Emmy in the making I think.

…That’s the best I can do right now. Honestly, what are you supposed to write in these things?

Um, so I have class in about fifteen minutes so I think it’s best that I leave this entry here. Who knows? I may even decide to update this…though right now I don’t really see a point.

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